Is a modular kitchen a necessity or a luxury?

26 Aug 2013

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It is said that cooking is an art. But today, there are a myriad of styles to dress up one’s culinary studio to aid in bringing out the best in an individual.

The kitchen has earned a lot more character than the traditional rasoi. It has become a multi-functional area of a house, which apart from being a ‘cooking space’ doubles up as the showpiece of a house, dining space, comfort zone or a special corner during a party. Therefore, needless to say, it deserves a little sprucing up and some attention while doing up your home.

A modular set-up and state-of-the-art appliances, is what makes a kitchen the special corner of the house, lending it a multi-faceted character and reflecting the personality of the homemaker. With the concept of an open kitchen becoming a norm in new constructions, kitchen solutions become a basic requirement and a modular set-up, complete with a chimney and a hob, close to a necessity.

A much needed asset now, a modular kitchen provides effective storage solutions, convenience, exquisiteness and comfort. With a chimney for effective smoke exit, expediency of storage and usage and proper space for vessels, cutlery and containers, a modular or a semi-modular kitchen is all about convenience, ease, handiness and luxury, within your budget. It is sure to save your time and effort.

Depending on one's budget, space and lifestyle demands, one can choose from a variety of innovative, eclectic and functional designs, imparting a unique character to one's kitchen and adding to the personality of the house.

Kitchen is truly the heart of the home and the wall between the living room and kitchen is breaking with this concept. The trend of premium or luxury appliances is growing and is catching up fast, with global exposure and more and more imported modular-kitchen brands coming to India. There is also a growing interest of consumers who want a seamless 'living and cooking' space, making the kitchen more fun and friendly. The focus is on functionality and ergonomics, and the main areas of development are energy efficiency, green technology and sustainability, with a tinge of never-before used colours and combinations.

A well-designed, aesthetically done and ergonomically effective kitchen is the ideal place for the woman of today. Are you one?